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Blockx Network is a DAO protocol platform that accelerates web3 projects to grow liquidity & user engagement loop through Creator DAOs, Liquidity DAOs, & Reward Pools.

Blockx Events

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Hacking Aptos Layer 1 Blockchain

Ho Chi Minh, 6 pm - 9 pm, Dec 12, 2022

Join us to understand Aptos layer 1 blockchain network technology

5 Minutes Fundraising Speed Dating

Ho Chi Minh, 6 pm - 9 pm, Nov 28, 2022

Join us to pitch 1:1 in 5 minutes with 10+ global crypto funds

Speed incubating new blockchain builders

Ho Chi Minh, 05 - 06, May 2023

Join us to hack new blockchain economy ideas to solve the major problems of Web3, Defi, Gamefi, Metaverse

Gamefi Community Growth Hacking

Ho Chi Minh, 6 pm - 9 pm, Dec 19, 2022

Join us to find the best solution for gamefi community growth hacking in the bear market

A disruptive launchpad event for APAC buidlers

Ho Chi Minh, 06 - 07, June 2023

A disruptive launchpad event for APAC buidlers to win $100K pool rewards from great backers



The core team members are alpha wolves from Umbala Labs, We study from our failures then we build BLOCKX with the vision: "Vietnam will be the APAC Hub of builders & creators"

With a growth marketing mindset, she’s in charge of building a worldwide community & cooperating with crypto KOLs, KOCs & media partners. She’s also the CEO of Blockx Network, a web3 platform for web3 projects. Jennie is the former growth marketing manager at HeatMob. She’s also the former marketing manager of, a social reviewer platform for young people in Vietnam. She’s also the former social media lead at Cat Tien Sa, the number 1 TV Production House in Vietnam, where she does social media marketing for TV GameShows (like Bolero Idols, The Voice), & SaoStar



A passionate serial entrepreneur with over fifteen-year experience in developing online mobile social platforms, including 10+ years working on online camera-based products, 4+ years working on the social live video e-commerce platform, & 4+ years working on blockchain economy platform. He now serves as the Founder & CEO of Umbala Labs - a blockchain lab that focuses on incubating web3 & Metaverse products to create a people-oriented blockchain economy. Former CEO at UMBALA.TV (2015 - 2020) - a social live video application, and former CEO at CNC Corporation (2005 - 2014) - a software company with millions of USD in sales, and also he is a well-known technologist influencer in Vietnam

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He has been focused on crypto 24/7 since seeing the crypto light on June 29, 2017. He’s a Partner at Blockchain Coinvestors, a crypto fund-of-funds, invested in 40 of the leading crypto VCs around the world. He’s the CEO of Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp., a publicly traded SPAC focused on merging with a rapidly growing crypto company. Lou is the founder of the CryptoOracle Collective, a decentralized crypto advisory firm. He’s a Senior Advisor to the Global Blockchain Group at investment bank Moelis & Company. The Wall Street Journal called Lou “Wall Street’s Bitcoin Expert”, Lou is ranked among the most influential crypto bloggers on Medium, regularly keynotes major crypto industry events, and often appears on TV or in print talking about crypto. He also builds crypto communities, including CryptoMondays, the largest crypto Meetup group in the world.



He’s the former CTO of UMBALA.TV, a social live video platform, and Umbala Network, a public blockchain network with 108DPoR consensus. Before this, he was the mobile technical leader at uBox App, a product of CNC Corporation, uBox is a mobile social interested-based network, which got 500,000 active users after launch.

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